Renowned for their exceptionally rare and high-quality gemstones, unprecedented craftsmanship and impeccable unforgettable designs, the company founded by Laurence Graff is at the pinnacle of the luxury jewelry industry.

Often described as “The King of Diamonds”, Graff founded the company in 1960 and has acquired a unique and ubiquitous approach towards jewelry making. With a team of master craftsmen, Graff’s passion starts from mining and cutting to handling diamonds of exceptional rarity and beauty and designing some of the most magnificent and exquisite selection of luxury jewelry and watches.

Over the years, Graff’s impressive acquisitions included the 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona, the second largest rough diamond found in over a century, the seven-sided 187.82 carat Paragon and the 132.55 carat yellow diamond known as the Golden Empress that became a Graff signature. In 2008, the brand launched its luxury watches in Geneva, the heart of the luxury watchmaking industry. Each statement piece showcases the artistic skill and attention to detail and design, the brand became synonymous with beauty, class and elegance for a timeless.

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